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Keefer Brothers Victoria has adopted a "Quality Management" approach in accordance with Australian standard AS3902/ISO9002 in the late 1980's, which we have maintained and revised.
Our capabilities include: <%=GetCategoryList()%>
We have many years of experience working with various materials including:
Our strength as an organisation stems from 3 generations of Manufacturing Engineers
Keefer Brothers Victoria are quality endorsed and have been offering production manufacturing and repetition engineering services since 1928.
We are currently certified as conforming to the International Standard AS/NAS ISO 9001:2000
We can work with materials in tube and pipe forms and in various shapes including:
Our services include:
Located in purpose built premises in Braeside, we manufacture an extensive range of high quality products and components.
We also export a large range of components to South East Asia and New Zealand.
Today our capabilities enable us to design and manufacture a wide variety of gas related components, all of which are approved by the Australian Gas Association.

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134 Malcolm Road Braeside 3195 Victoria, Australia

P O Box 972 Braeside 3195 Victoria, Australia

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